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SprayFoam.com's all-new Education Center is the most comprehensive collection of up-to-date, non-proprietary information about everything spray foam. The spray foam industry is in a perpetual state of innovation and change, so the Education Center will be updated with every new breakthrough or paradigm shift. Check back often to see what's new.

 About Spray Foam
 Spray Foam Architects Guide

Homeowner's Guide

Find out about how spray foam insulation can improve the indoor comfort, occupant health, and energy efficiency of your home or building.


Architect's Guide

Understand the building science behind spray foam’s use as insulation, as well as an air and vapor barrier in residential and commercial buildings.
 Spray Foam Equipment   Spray Foam Roofing

Equipment Guide

Get a complete overview on piece of equipment, tool, and accessory necessary to install spray foam for insulation and roofing applications.    


Roofing Guide

Learn why SPF roofs are stronger, more durable, more sustainable, and less invasive to businesses compared to traditional roofing systems.

 Getting Started in Spray Foam    Spray Foam Safety

Getting Started with SPF

Interested in installing spray foam, but don’t know where to start? Find everything you need to know to install SPF insulation and roofing systems.


Spray Foam Safety

Safety is the most important part of installing spray foam, or having it installed in your home or building. Get the facts here.


 Spray Foam Marketing PDF and ebook    Spray Foam Equipment Selection E-book    Spray Foam Homeonwners Guide and e-Book    Getting Started in Polyurea Guide

SPF Digital Marketing e-Book

Marketing is one of the most important yet often overlooked aspects of running a spray foam business. Get some insight here.


Spray Foam Equipment Guide e-Book

It's true that choosing the right spray foam equipment can be daunting, not to mention expensive. Get the necessary technical insight here.


Spray Foam Homeowner's Guide e-Book

Spray foam is the fastest growing insulation material on the market because it lowers energy bills and improves occupant comfort. Find out more about getting SPF installed in your home here.


Getting Started with Polyurea e-Book

Polyurea is one of the most popular, robust, and cutting-edge waterproofing materials on the market. Find out how to enter this opportunity-filled market here.


 Spray Foam Questions and Answers    Spray Foam Training Calendar

Spray Foam Q&A Forums

Have specific technical questions about SPF? Ask them here and get real answers.


SPF Training Calendar

Find upcoming courses to get hands-on experience with SPF applications.



Homeowners' Guide

Spray Foam Homeowner's Guide | Spray Foam: Closed-Cell vs. Open-Cell | Attic Insulation | Ice Dams | Crawl Space Insulation | Potential Mold Issues | Energy Efficient Home Values | Energy Usage | Monolithic Domes

Roofing Guide

Spray Foam Roofing Guide | Spray Foam Roof Installation | Cool Roofs | Urban Heat Islands | Protective Roof Coatings

Architect's Guide

Spray Foam Architect's Guide | Building Envelopes and SPF | Commercial Air Barriers | Air, Vapor, and Moisture Barriers | Blower Door Testing | Building Strength | Foam Construction Adhesives | Commercial SPF Roofing Adhesives | Roofing Adhesives for Homes

Equipment Guide

Spray Foam Equipment Guide | Spray Foam Machines | Mobile Spray Rigs | Foam Kits and Cans | Spray Guns

Getting Started in the SPF Business

Spray Foam Safety

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