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Spray Foam at Ford Motor Company

SPF Customer: Ford Motor Company - Climate Control Division, Plymouth, MI

Installed By: Energy Shield, Inc., Pontiac, Michigan

In 1990 Ford Motor Company elected to re-roof their Sheldon Road plant and administration building in Plymouth, Michigan.  Energy Shield was selected to be the contractor by competitive bidding. The scope of the work involved installing a new sprayfoam roof to approximately 900,000 square feet of roof area at a total cost in excess of $2,000,000. Additional building insulation work was done in 1991 and 1992 by applying sprayfoam to selected wall areas.

Prior to the application of the sprayfoam roofing system the plant had a 25 year old "BUR Roof System" and they were spending approximately $80,000 annually doing small repairs to the existing roof. In addition, the areas above the aluminum radiator furnaces were experiencing extreme cold and hot spots which was causing as much as 6" to 8" of movement of the roofing materials in different directions and this caused many leaks.

The polyurethane spray foam roof system can be often be applied directly to old BUR systems and in most cases suh as Ford's, a total tearoff of the BUR and can be eliminated with a moisture study of the roof so as to remove only the wet areas. Thus the substantial costs of total roof tear-off and disposal can be eliminated. Another benefit of the spray foam system was the significant reduction in energy consumption. At the Sheldon Road Plant, a decrease in energy bills from $876,000 annually to about $412,000.  A tremendous savings of $464,000 per year

According to Max Forester, Plant Engineer, they are very satisfied with their spray foam roof and haven't experienced any problems or maintenance costs since the installation. It is a cost effective way to re-roof and insulate your building.