AP-EX Gun Extension vs. Handheld- 30% FASTER!

The patent-pending AP-EX spray gun extension by PMC is trialled next to a handheld gun on a 10' tall x 8' wide wall cavity with 16" on center studs
  • Excellent for Coatings and Foam
  • On and Off the Job Safer and Faster
  • Minimize the Use of Ladders and Scaffolding
  • Less Bending for Spraying the Bottom of the Stud Walls
  • Eliminate Blow Back onto Face Shield and Body
  • Ideal for Use on Certain Special Roofing
  • Easily Spray a 10’ Stud Wall
  • Get Inside Rim Joists Safely
  • Ideal for Cathedral Ceilings
  • Spray overheads Easily
  • Adjustable Head

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