What is it?

1. What is the product?

The SFS GenerPAK and GenAirPAK are tier 4 heavy duty diesel generators with military grade technology designed for mobile applications available as a skid mounted diesel generator or generator compressor combination unit. The GenAirPAK is a generator set and rotary vane compressor kit equipped with Hydrovane electric motor driven Rotary Vane compressor assembly.

2. What makes it unique?

The alternator is forged with tropicalized steel that can endure harshest situations and includes 100% copper windings. They are built with solid state voltage regulation and vibration isolators designed for mobile applications. For combo units, keep uptime by easy disassembly of removing compressor to run a supplement if needed. Designed with DOT approved fuel tanks, meet Tier 4 requirements and the 30KW and 45KW models do not require DEF. The Kohler engines are factor tested and approved for SFS OEM installations and backed by a Kohler Certificate of Compliance, the first in the SPF and Coatings industry.

3. Who is the product made for?

• Who specialize in high output SPF applications.

• Who specialize in spray foam insulation.

• Who specialize in spray foam roofing.

• Who specialize in waterproofing.

• Who specialize in weatherization  

Contact Details

Name: Natasha Jacobs

Phone No: 877.737.4352