ProPAK Mobile Spray Rigs - Spray Foam Systems (SFS)

ProPAK Mobile Spray Rigs - Spray Foam Systems (SFS)

What is it?

ProPAK mobile spray foam rigs are designed to be an all-in-one unit that hauls everything you need to begin your spray foam job whether it is a small or large job. While each rig follows a general template, we customize each rig to fit the needs of the contractor, or team that will be utilizing the rig. Our ProPAK mobile rigs are insulated with closed cell spray foam to protect your investment from the harsh weathers it may experience as well as to keep your spray materials within a sprayable temperature range to ensure that you are spraying quality foam.

Why is it unique?

Our training programs and 24/7 technical support makes Spray Foam Systems ProPAK Mobile Spray Foam Rigs stand out from the competition. When you have a new applicator that needs training, we offer options for on-site training as well as in-house training at our headquarters in Greensboro, GA. Whenever you have problems with your rig, equipment, or questions about anything on a job, we have someone available to help you 24/7 to make sure your downtime is minimal when a problem does occur.  

Who is it made for?

Our ProPAK Mobile Spray Rigs are geared to contractors:

  • Who specialize in high output SPF applications.
  • Who specialize in spray foam insulation.
  • Who specialize in spray foam roofing.
  • Who specialize in waterproofing.
  • Who specialize in weatherization    

Contact Details

Phone No: 877-737-4362