Nitrosys- SFS Foam

Nitrosys- SFS Foam

What is it?

What is the product?

Nitrosys is a plural component proportioner that heats your high volume materials , meters materials by volume and maintains the materials heat until its sprayed or injected .Nitrosys can be sold as a package, a portable skid option, a mobile cart or in a turn-key mobile rig setup.

What makes it unique?

Nitrosys can process high pressure spray foam formulations at pressures less than 300 PSI. Nitrosys spray system has reduced PPE requirements and re-occupancy times. The Nitrosys HVLP System can spray at outputs of 30 lbs a minute and can be configured with up to 310’ of GreenFlare heated hose. The HVLP system also includes updated software and data logging.

Who is the product made for?

Nitrosys is geared towards contractors and OEM applications:

• Who specialize in high output SPF applications.

• Who specialize in spray foam insulation.

• Who specialize in spray foam roofing.

• Who specialize in waterproofing.

• Who specialize in weatherization  

Contact Details

Name: Spray Foam Systems

Phone No: (877) 737-4362