EnveloSeal™ Polyurethane Spray Foam System - Specialty Products, Inc.

EnveloSeal™ Polyurethane Spray Foam System - Specialty Products, Inc.

What is it?

SPI’s EnveloSeal™ Polyurethane Spray Foam is a two-component insulation system available in open and closed cell, with varying densities that can be engineered to a client’s specific needs. These products provide superior energy efficiency, air filtration control, and a high performance, air-sealing building envelope insulation system. An added benefit to air sealing is blocking heat transfer from interior to exterior during heating months and the opposite during cooling months.

What makes it unique?

SPI’s EnveloSeal™ 2.0lb Class 1 Closed Cell, Ignition Barrier Spray Foam is compliant with ICC-ES AC 377, Appendix X, for use in attics and crawl spaces without a prescriptive ignition, thermal barrier or intumescent coating. EPA approved zero - ODP blowing agent.

EnveloSeal™ .5lb Class 1 Open Cell Polyurethane Foam has a 0.50 PCF spray in place density and is a Class 1 water blown hybrid foam insulation system. This product provides superior energy efficiency and air infiltration control. The product can be used in open wall cavities, crawlspaces, perimeter rim joists, and cathedral and garage ceilings.

Who is the product made for?

EnveloSeal™ Polyurethane Spray Foam Systems are designed for residential and commercial use for walls, floors, ceilings, roofs, cold storage, and foundations, providing superior energy efficiency and air filtration control, for new and existing structures to reduce energy loss.   

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