Eco Rise Geo-Technical Polyurethane Foam - Specialty Products, Inc.

Eco Rise Geo-Technical Polyurethane Foam - Specialty Products, Inc.

What is it?

SPI’s Eco Rise geo-technical, concrete slab jacking and cavity fill foam is a two-component, closed cell, rigid structural polyurethane foam system formulated using only virgin polyether polyols, enhancing its hydrolytic stability. It has excellent processing characteristics, dimensional stability and adheres well to substrates.

What makes it unique?

Eco Rise geo-technical foam is available in densities of 2.0lb – 6.0 with varying cream and rise times, and can be engineered to specific needs. Eco Rise has a proven history with decades of service and millions of pounds applied in geo-technical; concrete slab jacking and cavity fill applications.

You can lift sunken concrete slabs, residential and commercial, at a lessor cost than traditional mud jacking. It does not require heavy equipment and is less invasive than other options. Grass and landscaping in and around sidewalks, driveways, streets, and parking lots will not need to be replaced. There is minimal to no disposal waste going to landfills when using eco-friendly, Eco Rise foam systems.

Who is the product made for?

Eco Rise is ideal solution for concrete slab, road, sidewalks, parking lots, stairs and runway lifting for commercial, residential and government use. It can be used for cavity/void fill and stabilization of unconsolidated soil. Other uses; trench breakers, mine and tunnel decommissioning, pipe, tank and well decommissioning or pole setting in lieu of concrete.   

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