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Tyler Gauthier
Posted: Jun 20, 2012 10:15 AM
Your opinion on Fusion CS gun mix chambers
For my fellow CS gun users, I am curious as to what mix chambers you are spraying with on the job site. Currently we are using RD0101 in all of our guns and find them quit versatile for all the different jobs that we spray. Right now we are mostly spraying walls and joist end cavities. We had a rep com in today from a different company and preached to us that if we switched to a wide pattern tip such as a WD0101, we would see our yields substantially increase per set. I can understand a little bit why this would be (better atomization and mixing) but in my mind a wider pattern = more overspray = more clean up and scraping of surfaces, basically less overall control. There is a fine balance between quality and quantity especially when margins are getting tighter and tighter with all the new yahoos getting into the field underbidding everything with their fancy new trucks and spray rigs that they can barely afford the payments on.

Anyways, let me know your thoughts!

Posted: Jun 21, 2012 09:47 PM
I use an RD 0202. When i need a smaller pattern I turn it to the #1 position which i have set in the center of the range. If I need smaller than that and dial it down some more. Seems to lose a pattern quality if you dial it down to small. Probably better of with a smaller chamber if you have much to so.
I seem to have more problems with the CS fluid dispensing properly. Does anyone else have this issue. Some tubes work great, some you have to stick a drill bit in the little hole in the bottom and force the plunger up. Once it gets moving it will feed.....most of the time, sometimes never. The ones that never feed you take and dump into ones that do work. They hardly ever fail when your standing on the floor, it's always in an attic or crawlspace of course. It is more a nuisance than anything. I talked with a Graco engineer at their hospitality suite in Dallas about it but he seemed more intertested in the food than talking to customer about their products.
Tyler Gauthier
Posted: Jun 25, 2012 09:26 AM
We have a bag full of tubes that don't work. We try and do the same thing as you when ever we can. One thing we have started to do is store the boxes of clear shot upside down on the shelf and in the trucks. This seems to keep the oring lubricated and have had less tubes stick on us, but it is still happening. We to have addressed this issue with our rep but have not gotten any further then you have with yours. I also have heard through the grapevine that Graco is coming out with refillable tubes and that the CS fluid will be able to be bought in bulk form.

One more question for you. How often do you grease your gun through its grease nipple. i have found that this causes nothing but problems. We seem to get a chemical reaction between the CS fluid and grease which causes the gun to cease up with a solid material with the consistency of a urinal puck. I usually only grease the internal parts when ever I tear the gun down.
Posted: Jun 26, 2012 08:23 PM
I NEVER grease the gun thru the fitting. My supplier instructed me to ignore that fitting. I grease the o-rings when I reassemble after a tear down. I notice that if you don't use the gun for a week or so you need to tear it down. The iso seems to hardened up around the mix chamber and makes it drag. This tells me it leaks a little air into the chamber area somehow. What else would make the iso harden up? I have left my P2 gun for as long as 3 weeks once and it never bothered a bit. Luckily they don't sit that long anymore.
As far as refillable tubes go, they all are refillable. A little pain in the azz but chuck them in a vise and take a pair of needle nose pliers and squeeze the 2 thingys togehter and push the plunger back to the bottom. Then take the "empty" tubes that still have 3/4" of fluid in them and dump into the one you just reset the plunger in. After dumping 7-8 "empty" tubes you now have a full one that you would have thrown away. Sounds a little petty but if you buy them by the 100 pack that is 11 or 12 tubes you save. That converts to dollars by year end. Plus the tubes that don't work you can dump over into tubes that do work and at least use them. Wonder how come they can make a metal to metal seal to withstand several thousand psi and not leak but can't get fluid to come out of a plastic tube????

I will turn my box over tomorrow and give it a try, good idea, thanks
Posted: Jul 08, 2012 02:12 PM
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