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Jeremy Stomber
Posted: Jan 21, 2011 11:59 AM
Graco h25 E02 error code help ?
Having trouble with my h25. Giving me error code for high current. I have spent hours on the phone with graco techs. It is an older unit with the circuit board. I have determinded that its probably the circuit board. This has been replaced before recently so before I spend $700 bucks I wanted to be sure thats the problem and i dont have an underlying matter that needs to be addressed. Maybe someone has a board that they want to sell or knows where I could get this one repaired quickly ! Thanks for any help that I may get. This board has taught me alot and saved me time and money !
Dean Nash
Posted: Jan 21, 2011 09:41 PM
Working on an HXP2 unit (in plant use) with the same issue and they share several of the same parts. I'll try- call me over the weekend.8773423713
Posted: Jan 23, 2011 08:08 PM
If it is the board and it is less than 1 year since you replaced it, it is under graco warranty. It could be a short in your hose, your hose could be wet, or one of the powerlock fittings could be loose. There is an upgrade kit available for reactors with the older style boards. You can convert them to the new modules instead of the board for increased reliability and accuracy. It will probably take you 3 hours to install the kit. If you would like the manual on it, I can email it to you.

George Spanos

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