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Posted: Dec 17, 2016 02:37 PM
E30 blowing out 2 hoses
I recently had a fire in my trailer. It partially burned the top of the left pump on my E30 reactor (2011 model). The burn seemed to only burn the surface plastic. Two of my hoses were burned also as purchased new hoses.
I recently got all set up in a new trailer. I showed up to my newest job and started spraying. Everything went great ; I sprayed about 1 and 1/2 sets until a big puncture showed up in one of my new hoses (B side). I called a local tech guy who I bought the hoses from and he had me check my amperage output of my machine on each leg of the outgoing power. About 30-32 amps so it checked out he said. Send me the hose and we can see about getting it replaced he said.
Well, after shortening my hose to 150 feet and loosing the 50 feet that was broken and about one set later; the same thing happened, another hole in the other section of new hose (B side again).
so before I am forced to buy a new machine (which I am really hoping to avoid).
Any ideas on what the cause might be. I have had a suggestion of possible erratic amperage output. Could I replace anything in the machine that would fix this?
Also, I am wondering if I can fix the hoses rather than replace the whole thing. I asked the guy at the local car parts store and he said they put threaded ends on high pressure hose (hydraulic also) all the time. He doesn't see why it wont work for a section like the one I have a hole in. Could I just re wrap the heater coil around the newly fixed section of threaded metal? It would only be about 5 inches or so.
Thank you for your Time
Posted: Dec 22, 2016 03:25 PM
ok, this all sounds pretty nuts to me, call for assistance - Robin 972.224.1515

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