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MIke Niziol
Posted: Jun 25, 2007 10:45 PM
Air PUrge Gun Mixing chamber/Piston stops moving

Hope someone can help. We are using a fusion air purge gun - we grease it up real well but once we start spraying after 30min or so the mixing chamber (spray tip) seems to be gumming up - with less and less movement in and out unitl it stops totally - if we push the gun air cap into a stud and pull the trigger it wil start spraying agian for a few minutes but then totally stops when we take the gun apart we are not finding any significant foam - other than some around the air cap and front retaining ring. We are using about 90 psi for air pressure and spraying at about 1200. I tried reducing the pressure in the system thinking that the side seal cartridges were peryaps squeezing onto the spray tip too hard to allow it to easily move but that has nto solved the problem. ANyone have any ideas ?

Lane Hogstad
Posted: Jun 27, 2007 01:32 PM
Check the air to your trigger take it apart and look in it I had a chunk of o ring stuck in mine and had a hard time finding it. Sounds like lack of air to the gun.
clint moore
Posted: Jul 03, 2007 05:11 PM
If you are having too much build up on the tip,try adjusting the needle valve on top of your gun. turn it until it is fully closed and then turn it one full turn open,if you still need more air turn extra 1/4. As far as the chamber not retracting,try checking the air path from the trigger to the cylinder,also check the o-rings on the trigger assy.
You should never jam or push the chamber into anything,this could cause damage to the end of the chamber or clog the tip.

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