Unleash the Beast

Unleash the Beast

JACKSONVILLE, FL – July 5, 2018 – Let’s state the obvious – any reliable, successful spray foam contractor owns a rig. But what type of rig, size of the rig, and quality of rig can translate into what kind of company or sprayer(s) they are, which a customer will quickly notice upon arrival to a worksite. And there is nothing worse than having to drive back and forth to carry multiple sets of foam or even to bring two rigs to a site to make deadline. In order to provide the highest caliber of work, keep a professional presence, and make the job easier on all parties, there is now a rig available called “The Beast” that is designed to take on the biggest and baddest of spray foam jobs.

The Beast measures at 32 feet in length, providing 24 feet of floor space with eight feet of extra storage in the nose. This mega-sized rig is equipped with a divider wall separating the 40kw generator in the back from the work station in the front. The designers of The Beast, Equipment Options Direct (EOD), created this ultimate rig to have optimum work space that provides sufficient air flow to the entire trailer. Customized with two sets of barn doors, one ramp door, and additional side doors, sprayers and contractors will have the ability to work within the belly of The Beast with ease and comfort. EOD finds that ramp doors are essential to loading and unloading chemicals.

“If this was a generic trailer, customers would be limited to hauling drums individually up and down the ramp every time you need to change out a drum or chemicals,” explains Kendall Dale, director of marketing for EOD. “The Beast is equipped to use five sets of chemicals without stopping or changing a drum and the three totes can carry up to 7500 lbs. of chemicals total. Attacked by the dual proportioned system, The Beast is powered by two JHPK H30s, or the proportioner of choice.”

Custom rigs emerge from problems on the job site and ultimately become the perfect solution to fit the needs of spray foam contractors and applicators based on their individual necessities. For instance, one customer needed to be able to transport six sets of chemicals, as well as spray an entire job in one day and utilized The Beast to get it done.

“The real difference between The Beast and other rigs is having one crew vs. two. We show up to the job site in one truck and trailer backed with twice the power. A job that would take us two and a half days, only takes one. With the tote tanks holding 5.5 sets each, we are able to spray with peace of mind knowing we won’t run out of chemicals on the job. It also takes a lot of pressure off the lead sprayer as they’re teamed with another sprayer to get the job done efficiently,” expresses Shane Ellenburg, owner of Southern Spray Foam. “Truly, a well-designed spray foam rig.”

When a team is ready to take down the most monstrous of jobs in half the time with The Beast, not only do they receive a high-quality rig, but will also get the ever-growing relationship with EOD from start up to running a spray foam business on their own. EOD is passionate about helping customers grow into their environment and equips them with the tools and knowledge to be successful. Partnered with Icynene-Lapolla, EOD provides the highest quality of training to customers as they become the next line of spray foam professionals across the nation.

For more information on The Beast and Equipment Options Direct, go to https://www.equipmentoptionsdirect.com.

By: SprayFoam.com Staff on Jul 05, 2018
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