• Chemical Industry Council Honors Covestro

    • Added on Oct 17, 2016

    Covestro has recently started using carbon dioxide to produce a key component for making high-grade polyurethane foam thanks to an innovative process that saves on the petroleum-based raw material traditionally used. read more

  • Lapolla Industries Supports Amendment to Montreal Protocol

    • Added on Sep 27, 2016

    Joining forces with more than 500 national and international companies and organizations, as well as hundreds of sub-national governments, the company is calling for world leaders to pass the Montreal Protocol hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) phasedown amendment, which will be voted on in October during a meeting in Kigali, Rwanda amongst signatories to the original Montreal Protocol. read more

  • Dow Innovations are Key to Enabling Rio 2016 Olympic Games

    • Added on Aug 08, 2016

    The balls utilized on the Olympic hockey competition rely on a tailor made micro-foamed polyurethane (PU) core developed with Dow polyols. The PU core uniquely provides higher-performance and more consistency than hockey balls made with traditional vulcanised cork and rubber cores or solid polymer cores. read more