Spray Foam Added to Reinforce Sandbags, Levee in Dakota Dunes

DAKOTA DUNES, S.D. — Dakota Dunes is taking extra steps to reduce flooding.

A company called Pro Seal Solutions has added layers of a spray foam to sand bags on Pebble Beach. Owner Doug Stucky added the seal Sunday. He says it's 100% water proof. And nothing should get through it.

"We apply it and adhere it to the ground and inject it to the soil. It can build up a dam or support a structure. It's impervious to water, air and vapor and allows to to further mitigate water," Stucky said.

Stucky says he's applied the spray foam to a levee north of the Dunes as well.

Catch the original article here: https://siouxlandnews.com/news/local/spray-foam-added-to-reinforce-sandbags-levee-in-dakota-dunes

By: Siouxland News on Sep 19, 2019
Categories: Safety and Testing
Tags: spray foam, South Dakota, weatherization, breaking news, featured news

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