SPFA Adds Two New Jobsite Safety Signs

SPFA Adds Two New Jobsite Safety Signs

FAIRFAX, VA – November 30, 2016 –  In 2013, the SPFA Safety Committee developed two OSHA-compliant, bilingual jobsite safety signs. These included a Do Not Enter sign and a Fire Hazard sign. The Do Not Enter sign should be placed at all entry points of the spray zone to provide adequate warning of the need for proper PPE. The Fire Hazard sign should be placed throughout any area interior area with exposed SPF not protected with a fire protective covering or coating, to prevent ignition of exposed foam during construction.

 In 2016, two more OSHA-compliant jobsite safety signs were added. The first is the No Storage sign. This sign should be prominently and permanently placed in all attics and crawlspace areas where the foam is not covered with an approved 15-minute thermal barrier. It warns building owners that no storage is permitted in these areas. The second new sign for Permit Confined Spaces, should be placed at the entry point of all Construction Confined Spaces, per the new OSHA regulations.

 All four signs are provided as a color PDF and formatted for 8.5 x11 paper. If a larger sign is needed, they can be scaled by changing the printer settings. A single PDF file containing all four signs can be downloaded from the SPFA Members Only website.

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