SFWW Turns Two

SFWW Turns Two
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Over the past two years, the spray foam industry has taken leaps and bounds in the digital world. What once started as a Facebook group to get spray foam contractors, business owners, and sprayers together in one space to discuss daily tasks, problems, and projects, Spray Foam World Wide (SFWW) has quickly turned into a global phenomenon.

From attending the Spray Foam 2018 Convention & Expo in Mobile, Alabama where they shared a booth with Spray Foam Magazine to industry-leading manufacturers and distributors wanting to get their products and services in the mix, the SFWW group, now turned organization, has become the hub of communication for all things spray foam. It is incredible what an impact bringing people together on social media can make.

Now that SFWW has become established and used if not daily, then weekly by spray foam industry workers and enthusiasts, one may wonder how did the group come to be and what is the next step? We had the chance to talk to SFWW founder, Bill Bilben, to discuss the past, present, and future of the organization, as well as find out about the giveaway that is celebrating their second anniversary!

“Spray Foam World Wide was started on June 30, 2016 to simply connect with the industry and do a little research. When you’re in the spray foam profession, sometimes you can feel isolated so we wanted to connect with others to get an idea of who else was out there,” explains Bill. “We had no idea things would take off as quickly and rapidly as they did. This group morphed into an organization on its own. In year one, we started with only a few members and began to consistently grow by 75 to 100 SPF professionals a week. Now, at the end of our second year, we have 6,269 members.”

Bill expresses that the organization would not be possible without all of the spray foam contractors, sprayers, and business owners that help and support one another in an industry that can be very competitive. In order to give back to the professionals who have made things possible for SFWW, this year they have upped the ante and are giving away an 18-foot, fully-built out rig to one lucky member. Built by Intech, powered by Next Gen Power, and supplied with equipment from Graco, Greenshield Products, Insulation Station, Bullard, Insulation Specialties, Lapolla, and Piranha Tools, this $90,000 rig is the ultimate prize.

When asked what members can expect for the third year of the organization, Bill replies, “It’s hard to say. I just know we aren’t going to let off the gas. Our focus is on the people that drive the industry and doing all we can for them.”  •

HOW TO ENTER: Fill out the form on the SFWW website or text "SFWW" to 612-800-8540. // The winner will be announced at the Spray Foam Show 2019 Convention & Expo in Daytona Beach, Florida. For more information on Spray Foam World Wide or to enter in the giveaway contest, go to sprayfoamww.com or visit the Facebook page at facebook.com/sprayfoamworldwide.