Reimagined Solution

Reimagined Solution
Spray Foam Magazine’s 2020 Contractor Cover Winner will be winning one of these state-of-the-art new air purge spray guns.
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Spray Foam Magazine – Fall 2020 – Carlisle Spray Technologies knows how important it is for product innovation to be thrust forward, especially in these tempestuous times. Invention adds to the growth of the economy and optimistic change and in Carlisle’s case, this positivity is geared towards the spray foam industry.

The introduction of their new ST1 Air Purge Spray Gun is definitely something to get excited about. Resembling something out of a science fiction movie, think Star Wars or Minority Report, this futuristic gun combines high-performance with user friendly attributes.

Spray foam applicators will be happy to learn that the ST1 will help increase productivity, spray consistency, and uptime. Featuring ergonomics for increased comfort and control, the sprayer can hold this gun for periods of time, minus the repetitive strain. According to Carlisle, the ST1 is 10 percent lighter than the leading competition, enabling longer spray times, especially in hard to reach areas, while improving spray consistency.

Technical Services Supervisor, William J Donovan IV elaborates, “Carlisle Spray Technologies presents the ST1 Air Purge Spray Gun for SPF and Polyurea applications. The state-of-the-art ST1 has been designed with reliability, ergonomics, and simplicity as the primary focus. After a combined two years of design and field testing, the ST1 has proven to be a reliable and cost-effective option for the industry. The ST1 is designed to feel comfortable in hand, featuring integrated handle wings to better distribute the weight to reduce hot spots on the sprayer’s hand. The ST1 also has an optional handle strap to better secure the gun to the sprayer, allowing for less grip fatigue and better balance.”

Donovan goes on to say, “The ST1 is perfectly balanced with a center of mass that is closer to the handle, while also being lighter and smaller than current options. Maintenance on the gun is simple, needing only a 5/16 nut driver to disassemble the gun. No more fighting with retainer rings and threaded couplings.”

The handle has been designed so that the load from the sprayer’s fingers is transported to the arm, reducing fatigue. The strap secures the gun to the sprayer’s hand, enabling the sprayer to effortlessly rest their fingers when not triggering.

The ST1 separate mix chamber design, along with the tips, can be varied to optimize flow and pattern width for each application. It’s easy to change the mix tips, which allows applicators to flawlessly move from a speedy coverage to intricate application. The modular design will please applicators because it’s easy to maintain, using a single tool.

Donovan explains, “The ST1 has a two-part mixing chamber/ mix tip design. This chamber allows the tip size to be changed with any 5/16 nut driver in a few seconds time without removing the gun head. Gone are the days of throwing away a mix chamber because a drill bit broke off inside. With the ST1, simply remove the mix tip and push the drill bit out. The ST1 is designed with an integral check-valve to prevent fluid from entering the air handle, virtually eliminating crossovers from contaminating the air section of the gun. The ST1 is also proudly designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA!”

The spray gun has developed considerably over the years, with the first combined hand-operated pump designed by Joseph Binks. It consisted of a container holding the liquid under pressure with a pointer nozzle on the end. Binks was a maintenance supervisor for Marshall Field’s department store in Chicago in 1887, and he designed the spray machine as a solution for painting walls in a timely manner. Through the ages, the spray machine grew in sophistication and the invention of blending two-component products was the pinnacle point in the guns we see today. There have since been big strides in technology but Carlisle’s ST1 has gone several steps further by developing the technology and incorporating what users want and need.

By: Spray Foam Magazine Staff on Oct 01, 2020
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