PMC Responds to COVID-19

PMC Responds to COVID-19

Lakewood, NJ - March 25, 2020 - In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many operations throughout the spray foam industry have been interrupted. While things may not be running "normally," suppliers, like PMC, are making the necessary adjustments and want the public to know that they are still available to help and to troubleshoot any issues that might arise. The following is the company's note to their partners:

Positive news to all of our PMC Partners,

Thankfully, the elected officials of the great state of New Jersey have deemed manufacturing and construction essential. This is an ever-changing landscape. Hundreds, thousands, millions of dollars are at stake, And the markets are profoundly changing as well as disrupting the usual way to do our trades.

Our customers are first human beings. What are our customers expecting from us? We at PMC reach out to assure that business is continuing at PMC with adaptations to our standard operations, minimizing virus transmissions while providing support and service for PMC products.

PMC stands behind the fact that we are entirely made on-shore in the USA! We are wholly stocked with parts and equipment. We do encourage allowable stocking items for your inventory in the event this situation continues for an unforeseen extended period. Along with the American made PMC Parts and Equipment. We have many interchangeable, high quality, non-price gouging American Made Gusmer Parts too. We will gladly provide you with quality products at a very competitive price. Please keep us in mind as we're here to support our durable and invaluable customer base. The more advanced notice we have, the better we can continue to help your organization operate without any delay!

In these days of disruption and change, and extreme competition in your very own backyard PMC recognizes ALL these interruptions. PMC is dedicated to your personal future and the future of your company while observing and understanding this present time. We are focusing on engaging in our current and prospective relationships, offering financial relief in March and beyond.

  • Get a mixing chamber FREE with the purchase of the AP-2 or AP-3 spray gun
  • Get a FREE hose of choice with any proportioner purchase
    • o We are offering our demo/lab machines at a discounted rate. Please contact your PMC Distributor if you would like additional information.

Additional operational information has been requested concerning our newest PMC improvements. The AP-2 and AP-3 have advanced side seals made from an engineered resin. The material is designed to out-perform steel in a reactive harsh chemical environment created when impingement mixing polyurethane and polyurea. The innovative side seal, part number 202454, is the newest addition to the offerings from PMC. While our upgraded Mixing Chambers are now "diamond-plated" for improved hardness and scratch resistance. The properties are dramatically improved with a 36% harder surface than standard chambers; 25% more abrasion resistance than chrome-plating on competitive models and temperature resistance of 1,600F.

Lastly, our united PMC Team is dedicated to keeping your organization pulling the trigger on PMC equipment. PMC equipment is made in the USA, and we appreciate your support in keeping our employees working and, in turn, keeping the industry spraying. Please Do Not hesitate to reach out if we can be of assistance, we truly appreciate your business and thank you for your continued support.

By: Damian Lardieri on Mar 25, 2020
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