NRCA University Offers ProForeman Certificate Program

NRCA University Offers ProForeman Certificate Program
ROSEMONT, IL – August 10, 2016 – NRCA University's ProForeman Certificate Program allows roofing company employees to earn a certificate by completing a series of training programs and demonstrating their competence to perform work.

After completing the program, employees should be able to demonstrate an ability to speak with company personnel and customers about roof systems and job sites, providing rationale for specific roof and safety system choices. They also should be able to articulate aspects of effective crew, company and customer leadership.

Company sponsorship is a requirement for this program. Certificates are awarded to participants and companies jointly, recognizing achievement on both parts. Also, a specific person will be required to be a sponsor for each participant. Some program components are chosen and tailored by the company, and those decisions should be made jointly by participants and sponsors.

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To participate in the program, the sponsor must have participated in a sponsor webinar; the employee must have four years of experience as a roofing worker; and a reading comprehension assessment is required.

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