Now Commencing the Olympic Games

Now Commencing the Olympic Games

JUPITER, FL – July 23, 2021 – Now commencing, the Olympic Games in Tokyo Japan. Keep your eyes peeled for a story in our Spray Foam Magazine Late Summer Issue that describes in detail how Dow coatings played an important role in the Olympic Village.

Here is a sneak preview of the story titled: Going for GOLD:

“In addition to cleaner energy production the Japanese are also focusing on repurposing old building structures which in the past would have been knocked down and rebuilt. This is exactly what has happened with many of the buildings at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

Dow’s material science experts have helped create technologies that have insulated, sealed, coated, and protected the sustainable achievements Japan wished to achieve on their 72,400-square-meter Olympic Stadium.

Over half of the 43 Olympic venues are existing facilities, which has been highlighted as saving an estimated 80,000 tons of CO2 equivalent emissions and a number of these existing structures incorporated Dow technologies to help seal building envelopes, electrical systems and help create the modern aesthetic appeal to the structures.”

Make sure to check out our latest issue for the whole story and more exciting stories surrounding the world of spray foam roofing and coatings!

By: Spray Foam Magazine Staff on Jul 23, 2021
Categories: Protective Coatings
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