ACME Machinery Unveils New High Performance Spray Polyurethane Foam Proportioners

ACME Machinery Unveils New High Performance Spray Polyurethane Foam Proportioners

NEW CANAAN, CT – March 30, 2016 – ACME Machinery, a leader in Spray Foam & Polyurea equipment, unveils two new “All-In-One” high performance hydraulic proportioners coined the Coyote H50i and H50iE.

The H50 series is a more powerful series than its predecessor the H30, now offering up to 50lbs per minute with the ability to spray both high pressure polyurea and lower pressure Spray Foam “out of the box” without swapping hoses or needing separate equipment.

ACME changes the spray foam game by offering high output “All-In-One” hydraulic proportioners in an extremely small package. No longer is it necessary to have an entire truck full of large equipment equipment such as generators, compressors, air dryers, etc.. These small machines include all the components necessary to spray including a generator, compressor, and air dryer in one very compact, portable package.

The H50i is a stand-alone diesel powered machine that is so portable that can be mounted in the back of a pickup truck or small van making easier and less expensive to get to any jobsite. The H50iE is an Electric plug in version of its brother that offers even a smaller footprint, is extremely quiet and can easily be rolled into any commercial building quickly an easily.

While the small footprint of these machines now make it easier and more affordable to get too any jobsite, the real advantage is that they are among the most powerful, highest output machines in the industry making the largest jobs easy to complete rapidly.

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“Our goal was to build an affordable high performance, extremely compact, simple machine that would offer maximum uptime and fit in the smallest of vehicles.” said Richard Ettinger, General Manager of ACME Machinery. “The Coyote will now allow applicators to get to the jobsite faster in a small vehicle, and to get the job done quickly without having to focus on the equipment”

These machines were initially unveiled at the 2016 SPFA convention in Orlando last February 10th and 11th.

“Our investment in this new technology represents our company’s commitment to the industry.” Ettinger said. “ACME Machinery will continue to offer the highest level of service, support, and technology to all of our customers.”

About ACME Machinery: ACME Machinery manufacturers' spray foam and polyurea equipment for industry professionals. ACME Machinery is sold through a network of licensed professional distributors across the USA.

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