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Video Name: ExpandoThane Roofing and Waterproofing Polyurea
Categories: Protective Coatings, Foam Roofing, Polyurea
By: Soythane Technologies, Inc
Tags: DIY, polyurea, roofing
Description: A Expanding Polyurea Membrane designed for roofing and waterproofing
Video Name: Polyurea Concrete Coating
Categories: Protective Coatings, Polyurea
By: VersaFlex Incorporated
Tags: Polyurea, Protective Coatings, Roof Coatings
Description: Polyurea coating concrete roof over occupied spaces below. Made into a parking area for automobiles ...
Video Name: Polyurea Protects From Explosions and Anti -Terrorism Blast
Categories: Protective Coatings, Military / Space / Aeronautical, Polyurea
Tags: Blast Mitigation, Polyurea, Protective Coatings
Description: Watch how a composite application of polyurea and Kevlar sheet prevent this cinder block wall from e...
Video Name: Spray Foam and Polyurea Insulate and Protect Hot Wax Tanks in Newark, NJ
Categories: Spray Foam Insulation, TV News Report, Protective Coatings, Polyurea
By: GreenLife Energy Solutions
Tags: Industrial Tanks, National Spray Foam & Coatings, Polyurea
Description: 1/25/2010 - This week, SprayFoam "Around the World in 60 Seconds" visits Green Life Energy Solutions...
Video Name: Spray Max Liners Fast Kick Polyurea Gun Training & Demo
Categories: Foam Equipment, Company Movies, Protective Coatings, Training / Technical, Polyurea
By: Soythane Technologies, Inc
Tags: polyurea bedliners protective coatings DIY
Description: Spray Instant Cure Polyurea Instructional Video and Truck Bed Liner Demonstration
Displaying : 1 - 5 of 5  

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