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Video Name: Polyurea Protects From Explosions and Anti -Terrorism Blast
Categories: Protective Coatings, Military / Space / Aeronautical, Polyurea
Tags: Blast Mitigation, Polyurea, Protective Coatings
Description: Watch how a composite application of polyurea and Kevlar sheet prevent this cinder block wall from e...
Video Name: Space Shuttle Spray Foam Insulated External Tank Facts
Category: Military / Space / Aeronautical
Description: The external tank is the big orange thing you see on the outside of the shuttle. The orange color is...
Video Name: Watch Spray Foam Withstand 12,700 mph on the Space Shuttle Endeavor
Category: Military / Space / Aeronautical
Tags: NASA, Space Shuttle, Spray Foam
Description: Single Cam view of STS-127 - External Tank. We love this movie because it shows uncovered spray poly...
Displaying : 1 - 3 of 3  

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