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Foam Adhesives for Use in Construction

Spray Foam is widely used as an adhesive in the commercial EDPM roofing industry and the manufactured housing industries.

EPDM Roofing
In recent years SPF has been re-formulated into a low-rise two component polyurethane foam roofing adhesive designed to adhere EPDM membranes or boardstock insulation to various roofing substrates.  The foam is often used to adhere the boardstock to the roof deck, and then used again to adhere the membrane to the boardstock.

The foam adhesive is spray applied, which significantly reduces application time and labor required for installation. The foam provides an added degree of insulation to the roof system and forms a strong adhesive bond, earning it excellent wind uplift ratings.  More...

Manufactured Housing
A polyurethane foam adhesive process is used to attach wall panels and ceiling panels to structural stud framing. Advantages to the builder come in the form of speed, added strength, reduction in mudding time and repair, and a lower cost to produce a finished home.

Additional benefits include the elimination of mechanical fasteners and batten strips, reduced damage from shipping and transport, stronger walls and structural integrity in the building and significantly reduced air infiltration protection.

Some foam suppliers maintain the following approvals:

1. ASTM E-72 wall racking on all gypsum manufacturers
2. Transverse Load Test
4. UL corner burn
5. UL E84 Tunnel Test
6. ASTM C557

There are many advantages to the home buyer/owner as well such as decreased “nail pops” for a custom site built appearance, enhance energy savings due to decreased air infiltration and consistent and professional looking seams.

Residential Roofing - Hurricane and High-Wind Uplift Mitigation
Between 50-70% of hurricane induced losses are caused by roof failures and water intrusion through the roof after the roof covering fails. Effective mitigation options to strengthen and waterproof existing roof systems have been limited, yet certain formulations of sprayed polyurethane foam insulation applied directly to the roof deck from the inside of the home can create a tenacious bond between the roof sheathing and the roof joist structure, while increasing the homes energy efficiency at the same time. More...

Low Rise Polyurethane Foam Roofing Adhesive
Residential Roof Adhesives