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Foam Contractor Marketing Survey - 2009 Announces Results of 2009 Foam Contractor Survey

In December 2009, conducted a customer satisfaction survey of Spray Foam Contractors that have a Featured Listing on the website. The survey was conducted via telephone interview and an email survey request.  Over 60% of our listed SPF Contractors responded with excellent results and feedback.  We appreciate the time provided by the surveyed contractors. The fact that they gave us time during the year-end holiday season to conduct a live survey is also a testament to their satisfaction and commitment to the SPF Contractor Marketing Programs.

The survey's objective was to determine the level of satisfaction, likes and dislikes, with and its ability to generate new business for SPF Contractors.

The contractors surveyed had been in the SPF business between (1) and (34) years, with the average time in the business being 12.5 years. Nearly 55% of the contractors are actively involved in both spray foam insulation and roofing.

More than 40% of the surveyed contractors reported they were satisfied and an additional 35% were very satisfied with the direction of and the referrals they received from their listing on the website.

Most Notable Marketing & Sales Results:

Foam Contractors listed on receive between 11 to 50+ job lead referrals per month.  Over 50% of the contractors receive at least 25 new leads per month.  This averages out to an astounding 23 new referrals per contractor generated by every month.

  • The leads generated by resulted in 73% of the contractors surveyed to receive between five (5) and twenty (20) actual jobs per year.  The average per job selling price was $6,500 for residential work and $58,000 for commercial projects.
  • The Spray Foam Contractors also reported that 73% of their leads from were direct phone calls and 27% came via direct e-mail or referrals.
  • One contractor mentioned that ' provided them with the most qualified leads over other forms of advertising, including the pay per lead services'.  Another contractor stated that ' was his best return on investment compared to his other channels of advertising.'

Additional Website Usage Trends Identified by Survey:

  • A number of contractors stated how good the Question and Answer Forums (Q & A) section was for gathering information on specific topics.
  • More than half of the contractors contacted have said how educating the Industry News section is to them and their customers.
  • Contractors often send their customers to to educate them and learn more about the spray foam process.
  • Many of the contractors expressed interest in having their projects featured in the new video feed, SprayFoam Around the World in 60 Seconds. 
Foam Contractor Advertising and Marketing Trends Identified by Survey:
  • Foam contractors advertise in a number of different ways, mostly the Yellow Pages and via their own website. Some have used local newspapers, television and radio.
  • Contractor Listings on increase website traffic to their own sites by nearly 35% on average. This is mainly a result from click-throughs in their listing, but contractors who are actively submitting job profiles and news announcements are seeing even higher numbers.
  • Many contractors are beginning to compare advertising resources.  A majority of contractors were not satisfied with the results of yellow pages vs. cost for this type ( of advertising.
  • Contractors on average spend between $50 and $2000 per month on advertising.
  • Usage in 'Pay per Lead' services were trending down as most contractors felt they were paying too much for many unqualified leads received by such services. learned a great deal about the activities, issues and needs that SPF contractors have during the course of this year's survey. We thank them all for their time and and assistance as we remain strong in our position to help foam contractors further succeed through our powerful global websites and SPF promotional programs.

As a result of this survey, several improvements and new features to the website have been identified and are being developed.


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