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Spray Foam Business - How to Get Started

Making the Investment

The first thing to consider when becoming a spray foam contractor is the investment required. The investment will be in many areas including equipment, materials, training and marketing.

You will need a the proper spray foam equipment, unless you intent to act as a sales agent and sell jobs and broker work to local contractors or established contractor partners. We have seen this work for many folks to test the market, learn about their competition. We suggest you pick a specific market/application service and specialize in it, such as roofing or insulation. There are many other applications and specialties (see our Markets page).

A major part of your initial investment should include training in foam processing, equipment operation and maintenance for the foam side of things. This hardly takes into consideration the application knowledge of roofing, insulation, coatings or other specific uses and application areas the foam will be sold into, and used within. We feel that knowledge of the application is more important than the foam technology to be successful. Don’t forget that training usually requires traveling to the suppliers’ facilities, and is most successful when your applicators and sales staff are included.

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Choosing a Supplier or Suppliers

After the business planning and equipment budgeting process is complete, the next step is determining what company will be your primary and secondary supplier of foam materials. Most all of the foam suppliers and manufacturers offer both foam, equipment and support services. So once you make sure you have appropriate capitol and/or funding for the equipment, a simultaneous process is finding a place to buy it, and the foam materials, from.

Choosing a supplier should take many elements into consideration.

  1. Do they have specific materials that are suited for your application with the necessary approvals?
  2. Are they located geographically to support your operation with materials, parts and technical/customer service?
  3. Do they have experience in the applications you want to pursue?
  4. Are they a known brand?
  5. Do you see their name on this website?
  6. SprayFoam.com is the industry’s leading website community and resource. If they are not listed here, they may not be a reputable, experienced and financially secure company?

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In order to get the best and most well rounded training to get into the business in the quickest, most efficient way, we recommend going to the suppliers of the foam systems themselves. They often have the best “one stop shop,” and can supply foam sales, safety, building codes, equipment, and marketing training and support services better than any other suppliers. Most of the equipment suppliers often training, but those classes are often limited to maintenance and operation of the equipment itself, which is only just one of many issues you need to be proficient in to be successful.

The trade associations for foam, coatings and market applications such as roofing, and insulation are also good resources for training, networking and marketing support.

Training Schools

Marketing Your New SPF Business

The most important aspect of becoming of successful spray foam contractor is often the most overlooked and taken for granted. This is marketing. I have talked to may a contractor who has spent upwards of $100,000 to get into business, only to complain that they have little or no work.

One thing is for certain. A Featured Contractor Listing on SprayFoam.com is the best $1,250 you will ever spend, and it is less than 1/2 the price of a set of hose.

The next most valuable tool is to have website built. Check out the powerful websites that SprayFoam.com offers exclusively for contractors. They are completely set-up with content and ready to go. Just add your name and contact information, and you have a great website with photos and movies all about the benefits of SPF.

The next thing is to develop some literature and hit the pavement talking to, and educating local builders, facility owners and architects about the many advantages and energy saving benefits of spray polyurethane foam.

Check our Marketing Page and our Online Marketing Blog for much more information on this subject.

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