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Contractors Show JobPro Technology Some Love
The spray foam contractor management tool helps keeps facts straight and business moving.

CHARLOTTE, NC - December 7, 2011 - JobPro Technology, a Charlotte, NC-based software company provides and delivers a software solution for insulation contractors. The JobPro software is a Web-based lead, bid, and job management tool designed specifically for the insulation industry and used by contractors across the country. Contractors that were looking for ways to save time, that were searching for a more efficient and accurate process to track their leads, generate profitable bids and proposals, schedule their crews and equipment, and calculate their actual job costs to determine actual profit, have gravitated to the JobPro insulation software. These contractors now have their information anywhere they have a computer with internet access and can access with an Ipad, tablet, or their Blackberry/iPhone. They are saving significant time and energy today, capitalizing on current opportunities, and positioning their company for the future with a professional platform specifically designed for the insulation industry.

Insulation contractors that are using JobPro for their business range in size from 1-2 man operations to companies with multiple sales people and offices. Most of these contractors were using the following tools in an attempt to track and run their business: paper and pencil, multiple excel spreadsheets, Outlook, whiteboard calendars, redundant conversations and data entry. Now, they use one comprehensive system: JobPro.

“Bid and job management software will give foam contractors an organized, professional process for each job,” Robin Reavis, president of JobPro, told “Instead of a gray cloud of doubt, contractors can see their proposed profit on the proposal and the actual profit at the completion of the job.”

Contractors have already offered testimonials that give JobPro an excellent rating. Below, Energy One America describes how JobPro has made a significant impact on their individual offices, as well as their effort to consolidate all data and process into one corporate tracking system:

Energy One America couldn't be happier with the JobPro solution for our business. As one of the largest foam applicators in the nation who was going through a corporate consolidation in the last year, we have presented the JobPro Technology team with many challenges. First, to develop a solution that would unify our many salespeople across several states into using a consistent proposal delivery format that provided real time sales information back to our local offices. Next, we asked the JobPro team to consolidate years of data into a single solution that reflected our 4 company merger in 2011. Now the staff at JobPro Technology continues to excel at the design and implementation of business tools such as diagnostic reports, profitability tracking updates, inventory controls mechanisms and many other vital tasks we formerly relied on others to perform. Whether it is for commercial, residential, or government contracts,JobPro has been up to the task in assisting us with our data management and proposal building needs. There is no doubt in my mind, that JobPro is the single most effective software tool our company has ever used and I would recommend it to anyone in our industry.
- Clint Allen, President of Energy One America

To learn more about JobPro Technology and how the JobPro software can make an impact on your insulation business, please view the contact information and links listed below.

JobPro Technology Directory Page

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