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Spray Foam Distributors of New England Stresses the Importance of Training
The distribution company opened up a 7,000 square foot equipment warehouse and support facility earlier this year

WOODSTOCK, NH - November 15, 2011 - recently caught up with George Spanos, owner of Spray Foam Distributors of New England, about the company’s progress after opening up a multi-purpose facility earlier this year. Spray Foam Distributors of New England is the largest supplier of spray foam materials, equipment, spare parts and training throughout the Northeast, and the company’s new headquarters is sized to fit.

Located in Woodstock, New Hampshire, the site functions as a hybrid of office, warehouse and training center. Within the 7,000 square-foot building, the distributor keeps headquarters, sells foam and equipment from their expansive inventory, builds custom spray rigs, and offers support and training for contractors before, during and long after a sale is made.

The training facility and year-round technical support is what sets this operation apart from other distributors.

“Selling foam is easy. But contractors need to be prepared to use the equipment properly, and they need to have someone to talk to when they have problems. That’s when it becomes important for a distributor to be there,” said Spanos.

Because the spray foam industry is relatively new and growing exponentially, Spanos explained, one bad job is bad for the entire industry. He cited a hypothetical situation in which one uneducated applicator might perform a mediocre job. The dissatisfied customer will subsequently conclude that spray foam is a sub-par product, oblivious to the applicator’s competency.

“To avoid this, we need to take the applicator error out of the equation completely,” he said. “We never want contractors to come here with a checkbook and leave with foam. We want them to leave us with the proper know-how to do the product justice.”

Thus, Spanos’ team offers year-round support for contractors with equipment issues or general usage questions. They also offer training for applicators of all levels. For example, SPF Distributors of New England is currently offering a Bayer applicator information program. The program is a full three days and includes hands-on application practice in their spray booth.

“Unlike other training programs, we limit the class to 15 participants so that everyone can ask questions and have those questions answered,” said Spanos. “We have partnered up with Bayer Material Science to hold these classes on a regular basis.”

Spray Foam Distributors of New England is the largest distributor of Bayer products in the Northeast. They are official authorized distributors of Bayseal ™ Spray Foam insulation and Roofing Materials from Bayer MaterialScience®. They are also the largest and most qualified distributors of Graco® Spray Foam and Coatings Application Equipment in the Northeast. Located in Woodstock, New Hampshire, Spray Foam Distributors of New England actively services all of the New England states from New Hampshire to Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Maine.

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