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Polyurea Company Releases New Color Stable Product
SoyThane Technologies, Inc. recently announced that the company's ExpandoThane product is now available as a color stable product.

YULEE, FL – September 27, 2011 – SoyThane Technologies, Inc. recently announced what they are calling, a "breakthrough" in the company's polyurea technology.

Using new proprietary chemistry, ExpandoThane Ultra is now a standalone product and is currently available in a variety of color-stable colors as well as non-degrading polyurea, according to a recent press release from SoyThane Technologies.

According to SoyThane Technologies, ExpandoThane will not need a topcoat for UV protection when applied. The company claims that their new product will eliminate the need for bug hole fillers that is found in many current Polyurea products on the market. The company also claims that their new product is tougher than many other bed lining products.

“ExpandoThane is presently being called on by contractors wanting to achieve higher mileage on their trucks for less money,” SoyThane Technologies stated in the recent press release.

R factor testing for ExpandoThane is presently pending.

SoyThane claims that due to ExpandoThane’s new color type technology and closed-cell structure, it will outperform any thermal movement of any other coating on the market.

“From roofs to foundations to bed liners and full envelopes, ExpandoThane Ultra could be the most needed replacement in waterproofing today versus other type coatings where wraps and caulks are required,” stated SoyThane.

SoyThane is offering free samples to anyone in the industry from Applicators to Engineers to Architects. If you are a "need to try it, spray it touch it" type of person, SoyThane is offering for a limited time “Pony Kegs” (15 gallons by 15 gallons) at its low truckload pricing.

About SoyThane Technologies:
SoyThane Technologies is a Florida-based spray urethane foam equipment supplier from Yulee, Fla. For more information, please visit SoyThane's website through the provided link below.

Soythane Technologies, Inc Directory Page

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