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The Complete Spray Urethane Foam Trailer Rig from Soythane Technologies
“The Foamer”, now with free packings for life!

YULEE, FLORIDA - February 22, 2011 - SoyThane Technologies Inc announces a pump packing warranty for as long as you own The Foamer, something they feel is an industry first. With the initial purchase, SoyThane Technologies supplies an extra set for free when the customer mails the old packings back. For those not sure how to rebuild a pump, SoyThane allows the customer to send them the pump section back and they will rebuild it for free. The customer can even buy an extra pump section and quickly install it while waiting for the rebuilt one to be sent back.

SoyThane feels this is important. Tom Hay of SoyThane Technologies asks, "Why sell a unit where the contractor finds he must spend a tremendous amount of more money before he can start to get a return?"

The trailer is large enough to carry all equipment needed with enough room left for multiple sets of foam to do a day’s work. Hay states, "Mobile truck units are nice but if your truck does not start your equipment can’t get to the job site to make you money." Being able to disconnect the truck from the trailer gives you freedom to leave the equipment working and still be able to be mobile to pick up other needed things when necessary.

SoyThane has divorced the Air Compressor from the generator. SoyThane feels that the idea of an all-in-one unit is great, but looks at “Murphy’s law”. Someday for some reason the unit will not start. With a single package unit this means no air and no electric. According to the manufacturer, divorcing the two makes it a simple task of taking one of the lighter weight units out and renting but one unit while repairs are made allowing the contractor to keep working and making money.

SoyThane also considers the use of drum stands using a gravity feed takes up too much room in a trailer. Hay states, "The other downside is in colder weather the materials become more viscous and flow reduction can cause spraying off ratio foam even to the point you can experience a very costly cross over in the gun, downtime and repair expense."

SoyThane includes transfer pumps by IPM. By using the divorced pump on both sides, the need to carry extra pickings for another piece of equipment is eliminated.

Hay explains, "“The Foamer” itself works like any quality machine on the market. A single source of power (Air Motor) moving two pumps back and forth at the exact same time pumping material through two separate heaters going to two separate heated hose lines to an air purge gun."

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