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Foam Spray Application
Arkansas Facility Changes the Game for Green Self-Storage units
Dow's THERMAX and FROTH-PAK foam sealant products will be used to climate-control the building

SHACKLEFORD, ARKANSAS - February 12, 2011 - When you think of self-storage facilities, energy efficiency isn't usually the first idea that comes to mind. After all, how much energy can a building that's essentially a series of locking boxes consume?

As it turns out, the sheer scale of a massive storage facility and the demand for climate controlled units can use up a lot of power. It makes sense, then, that a self-storage unit facility in Arkansas is stepping up its energy-efficiency game with spray foam insulation, reflective roofing and tightly controlled ventilation technology.

AA Storage in Shackleford, Arkansas is expanding to a new 31,050-square-foot building in Little Rock, and it hopes to complete the project by July 2011. The new development is being spearheaded by Paramount Metal Systems, which has extensive experience in constructing efficient facilities.

"The climate-controlled building design incorporates new roof technology using a combination of THERMAXTM rigid foam insulation and FROTH-PAKTM foam sealant products from Dow Building Solutions, cool metal roofing-reflective paint and controlled ventilation," Paramount Metal president David Dodge said in a press release. "Energy usage will be reduced significantly."

The combination of foam insulation and sealant with a reflective metal roof is expected to cut radiant heat from the building by as much as 40 percent.

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