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Foam Spray Application
Room to Grow in the New England Green Housing Market
Spray foam insulation helps to make these homes energy efficient

PORTLAND, MAINE - February 11, 2011 - The market for sustainable construction in New England is growing, reports the business news site - and there's room for further expansion in the future.

According to Bill Hulstrunk, the technical manager of an insulation firm in Massachusetts, just 10 percent of the buildings in New England have a high level of insulation, with just five percent of new homes considered energy efficient.

"We're just beginning on this road and we have a long way to go," Hulstrunk told the news site.

New England has a lot of reasons to consider more-efficient homes - with some of the oldest housing stock in the nation, the average structure is prone to drafts and leaks, while a reliance on old-fashioned oil-burning furnaces renders homeowners and residents vulnerable to sudden shifts in the price of Number 2 heating oil.

Hulstrunk emphasizes the importance of tightly insulating a home with the most efficient materials possible, including spray foam insulation. He also said that it's important to use triple-glazed windows and to keep new home footprints relatively small. It's difficult, after all, to construct a truly efficient 20,000-square-foot home.

Investing in the best possible insulation technologies makes economic as well as environmental sense; after all, Hulstrunk says of the new structures, "when fuel prices rise, these buildings will go up in price."

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