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A First in Spray Foam and Polyurea Equipment Design
21st JMT Designs Two (2) Machines in One (1)

COVENTRY, RHODE ISLAND – February 8, 2011 – 21st JMT offers the first ever double pumper spray foam and polyurea coatings machine. This single machine will provide the ability to spray with two guns at the same time.

Prior to this unique machine, the only way a company could do this was to purchase two separate machines. This machine provides all the needs of two machines into one. This saves you not only the cost of the machine, but precious space in your rig. You can spray the same chemical out of both guns or you can spray two different materials; one out of each gun.

According to Tim Shocksnider, President of 21st JMT, he states, “Our objective is to supply foam and coatings contractors with an American made machine of superior performance to any currently on the market. We have over 35 years of engineering experience incorporated into this unique, user friendly machine. Our equipment is built with the customer in mind. That is why we went beyond our competitors to supply the best equipment on the market today.”

This new “Double Pumper” machine along with all of 21st JMT’s other machines are offered as a single unit or can be ordered a series of modular components that can be located anywhere in the rig or the plant to best suit the customer’s needs.

21st JMT machines feature improved pump seals, heavy-duty drive cylinders and superior performing primary heaters. All of these “better engineered” solutions provide greater periods between maintenance, which also cuts downtime costs and save the operator money.

The 21st JMT’s spray machines have been field tested for years.

Special Features Make 21st JMT a Superior Design:

  • Custom aluminum hydraulic tank. This allows better heat dissipation and longer life of the hydraulic fluid compared to the competitors smaller tank capacity.
  • Industrial TEFC drive motor. Motor and hydraulic pump are inline connected; no belt and pulleys.
  • Industrial NFPA hydraulic drive cylinder with a six (6) inch stroke. The longest stroke in the industry. With a six inch stroke there are fewer reverses which in turn leads to longer pump seal life and a more energy efficient system. The hydraulic drive cylinder has the largest rod diameter in the industry, according to 21st JMT.
  • Industrial linear rail and slide are incorporated in the design to keep the chemical pumps in perfect alignment for increased pump seal life.
  • Unique primary heaters with 300% more dwell time and 10 times the surface area of competitors’ equipment. This leads to better temperature control and higher delta T’s.
  • The electrical controls use industrial components instead of integrated printed circuit boards and touch operator panel. This allows parts to be purchased at a local electrical supply house. You do not need to wait for custom components.
  • 21st JMT claims, the hose heat transformer is the largest in the industry. They supplied the transformer with multiple taps on the secondary side of the transformer instead of a transformer with single tap secondary and a phase controller. (If competitive machine’s phase controller fails, the machine will not function until replaced.)
  • Full electrical schematics are included instead of wiring diagrams. This make it easier to trouble-shoot when needed.

21st JMT offers technical service and assistance with spare parts to keep existing machines working. 21st JMT also offers custom engineered equipment. For further information please visit their website at or email: or phone: 802-299-2067.

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