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Austin 'Green Boots' Program Benefits Architects, Builders and Contractors
The project kicked off on Tuesday, January 18, and it will continue through May 2011

AUSTIN, TX - January 27, 2011 - A joint effort between the Home Builders Association of Greater Austin and Austin Energy Green Building strives to educate local building professionals on the nuances and techniques of sustainable building, reports the Statesman newspaper. The "Green Boots" program, as it is known, both teaches techniques and introduces new products to those working in every aspect of the building trade.

The project kicked off on Tuesday, January 18, and it will continue through May 2011, comprising more than 40 sessions.

Key topics include the green building planning process, the building envelope, plumbing, HVAC, electrical and indoor air quality.

This is the third year for the Green Boots program, and it's now built up a group of alumni who help provide networking and support for future graduates. The popularity of Green Boots suggests that the community of building professionals is putting more emphasis than ever on the tenets of sustainable, green building.

It's a trend that's partly driven by fashion and partly by economics. For some time, green has clearly been "in," with companies in every sector seeking to burnish their environmental bona fides. But with the cost of energy rising, and the housing market filled with a glut of sprawling homes without clear demand, new homebuilders need a hook. Promising a house that lasts longer, impacts the environment less and costs the owner far less to operate is one good way of doing that.

That's helped subsidiary industries like appliance manufacturers, spray foam insulation companies and solar panel installers get their products out on the market in larger quantities.

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