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Global Polymeric Foam Market Could Reach 18 Million Metric Tons by 2015
Spray polyurethane foam will also grow with the overall category.

It doesn't have quite the same ring as "Plastics," but polymeric foam could be the future - or a significant part of it, in any case. According to a report from Global Industry Analysts entitled "Polymeric Foams: A Global Strategic Business Report," the worldwide annual production of such foams will reach 18 million tons in the next five years. Such foams come in two varieties - high-density cellular plastics and low-density foams - and each has its own unique applications.

Within the low-density foam subset, polyurethane foams provide the base material for most spray foam insulation. Indeed, the insulation sector has apparently kept that part of the industry afloat, even as demand for other applications of low-density polyurethane foam dropped off.

"Despite the adverse conditions, potential opportunities exist owing to sustained demand for spray polyurethane foam in industrial and residential applications. Asia-Pacific offers vast growth potential for polyurethane foams," writes Global Industry Analysts.

The firm also identifies the growing trend towards green building and sustainable development as an important backstop for the foam industry. While real estate may still be recovering from the subprime mortgage meltdown, the rising cost of energy and awareness of the consequences of climate change mean that a greater share of new structures emphasize efficient, sustainable construction.

It is important for the reader to realize the sprayed polyurethane foam is simply a subset of the overall Polymeric Foam category growth, but the future is still very bright for polyurethanes. asked Lapolla Industries, Inc.’s President, CEO & Director, Doug Kramer to comment. He had this to say:

“It is clear that spray foam insulation continues to assume market share on a global basis and that consumer as well as construction professional awareness of spray foam is at an all time high. There is very strong daily evidence of this momentum and I am confident that this trend will continue as energy costs are not likely to revert to a lower, more stable cost base. International inquiry is a regular part of our business as the spray foam global opportunity expands in both mature and emerging markets. “

Mr. Kramer is also an Executive on the Center for Polyurethanes, Systems House Committee and an Ad-Hoc Board Member for the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA). Both trade associations promote the safe and proper use of polyurethane foam insulation and roofing materials.

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