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Foam Spray Application
Spray Foam Provides a Flexible and Valuable Roofing Material
SPF Roofing is Applicable for Large or Small Projects

PLYMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS - January 7, 2011 -- Spray foam is good for more than just filling up the spaces in drafty walls - it's also invaluable in the construction of "green" and efficient roofs, particularly those with unorthodox or inconvenient shapes.

New Orelans' Superdome, for instance, was famously devastated and filled with refugees in the wake of Hurricane Katrina; more recently, it hosted all the home games for the Saints' winning Super Bowl charge. What's less well-known, on the other hand, is its use of more than half a million gallons of sprayed polyurethane foam to cover the roof of the refurbished stadium, in what is reportedly the largest stadium roofing project in the country.

Spray foam roofing is equally applicable for smaller projects, like the Monongahela Area Library in Pennsylvania or HGTV's Green Home 2010 in the town of Plymouth, Massachusetts. The former will feature a refurbished roof - partly paid for by state development funds - that employs sprayed polyurethane, while the latter was designed with a combination of soy-based foam insulation and solar panels.

In fact, different strategies for improving energy independence and efficiency often work well in tandem - the benefits of solar power can be augmented by the addition of more effective insulation, which takes full advantage of the clean, renewable energy generated by solar panels.

Any developer working on a sustainable home should consider spray foam roofing a serious priority.

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