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Spray Foam Works on Projects Large and Small
SPF construction ranges from prefabricated homes to large complexes like the Superdome

New Orleans, Louisiana - January 22, 2011 -- On constructions ranging from compact, prefabricated homes to sprawling complexes like the New Orleans Superdome, spray foam insulation is suitable for projects of nearly any scale.

Because of the relative ease of application and spray foam insulation's ability to expand to fill a given space, it can be used in a wide variety of projects. The Superdome is an excellent example of a massive, industrial-scale application of foam insulation.

Badly damaged by Hurricane Katrina, the stadium needed a massive overhaul. Working with Bayer MaterialScience, Burtin Polymer Laboratories helped complete a perimeter wall insulating project that encompassed over 400,000 square feet.

"Spray foam was an obvious choice due to its benefits of water resistance, thermal insulation value, air tightness and adhesive qualities," said Henry Delaune, the president of Burtin Polymer Laboratories, in a press release.

At the other end of the spectrum, Ted Schieler, the general manager of modular home manufacturer Homeway Homes of Deer Creek, Florida, recently employed spray foam insulation from InsulStar in his own construction project. Based on his firm's "Concord" style of modular ranch homes, the 1,700-square foot residence is insulated by a layer of closed-cell spray foam.

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