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Foam Spray Application
Michigan Contractor Sprays Foam in Large Hospital in Wisconsin
Stony Creek Services sprayed 160,000 square feet of walls

Oconomowoc, WI - December 20, 2010 -- In 2009, Stony Creek Services, of Ypsilanti, MI, completed a large scale spray foam application in a hospital in Oconomowoc, WI. The project was a 6 hour drive from Stony Creek Services’ headquarters and took 4 months to complete with up to three SCS crews working simultaneously, so it required comprehensive on-site and off-site coordination. In total, SCS sprayed 140 sets of BASF Spraytite foam and 1600 bags of Ure-k cellulose onto 160,000 square feet of pre-cast exterior walls.

Anton Cornellier of SCS had previously approached the architectural firm, Albert Kahn, to present spray foam insulation as an ideal solution for such projects. “The firm works on a lot of old buildings and they were dealing with a lot of the problems that come with insulating older buildings. When I explained the benefits of spray foam, they loved it. This was the third hospital in which they had utilized spray foam since I first presented the idea to them.”

The hospital was the first job that SCS had worked on with the contractor, Mortenson Construction. In fact, it was the first time Mortenson had ever worked on a job with spray foam. Prior to their start date, SCS had to educate the team from Mortenson about the properties of spray foam and safe handling procedures. SCS and Mortenson have since teamed up to spray another building in Wisconsin as well as one in Kalamazoo, MI.

Cornellier details some of the coordination and planning that went into this job: “The chemicals were stored on-site in a temperature controlled storage trailer and SCS had to have materials pulled and delivered to the location being sprayed on a daily basis. Keeping track of material supplies, deliveries and other details were vital in order to keep on schedule.” They also ran into various obstacles and challenges over the course of the job. “The glazers went on strike during a two week period in the summer, causing us to pause our efforts. Since the job ran from July to late October, we also had to deal with severe heat during those early months, sometimes . Outside temps got into the 100’s during those early months.”

When completed, the building was scanned for leaks with a thermal camera and the structure was found to be airtight. The architect was pleased with the results and has continued to utilize spray foam in other projects.

About Stony Creek Services
Stony Creek Services, based in Ypsilanti, MI, supplies insulation solutions throughout the Great Lakes area, primarily in the Upper and Lower Peninsulas of Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. “Stony Creek Services is a professional, experienced firm that uses top of the line products applied by skilled and talented technicians and employees. With multiple product lines and manufacturers to choose from, SCS can fashion a solution that meets a broad range of construction challenges.” For more information, visit

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