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Polycraft Germany Announces Whip Hose Improvements
Enhancements make the spray foam gun hose more flexible, light-weight and more

Rodgau, Germany - December 15, 2010 -- Polycraft recently has made some product enhancements to their temperature sensing unit (TSU/FTS) and to their whip hoses.

As a result of the improvements the gun hose will be more flexible, more light-weight and will have a better hose guard, while at same time whip hose has an integrated temperature sensing unit (TSU).

The integrated temperature sensor inside of the whip is development by Polycraft for PUR-Spray industry and comes in additional/optional to Polycraft's Standard and High Pressure hoses which are compatible to other conventional heated hoses.

With the use of Polycraft's heated whip/gun hose with integrated sensor the applicator no longer needs conventional TSU/FTS from Graco, Gusmer, Gama, PMC etc. The applicator can switch off or disassembly their TSU and work with Polycraft's thermocouple installed inside the gun hose.

Alternatively, the applicator can leave the conventional TSU/FTS as reserve.

Regardless of which thermocouple the applicator wants to have in function, there will be the advantage of more safety and security during job-application in case a problem occurs with the conventional TSU.

At the same time Polycraft's whip hose version with DS-insulation and hose guard will have better protection and more flexibility compared to conventional gun hoses.

For more information, contact Polycraft's website at:

About Polycraft Germany
POLYCRAFT was established in January 1989 and is registered in the German Trade Register. As distributer for GUSMER Europe Polycraft was selling Gusmer PUR-Machines, Spare Parts, In-Field-Service and renting of PUR-Machines as well as In-Field applications for PUR-Foams and Elastomers. In the year 2001 an expansion of the company took place by starting to develop, manufacture and selling heatable hoses for plural component equipment. Polycraft offers high quality heated hoses for standard and high pressure units for spray PUR and POLYUREA. The heated-hoses are compatible and easy to hook on any machine such like GRACO®, GUSMER®, GAMA®, GLASCRAFT®, PMC®.

Polycraft Germany - OEM-Heated Hoses Directory Page

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