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Spray Foam Insulation Keeps Homes Warm and Efficient During Winter Months
Poorly Insulated Homes Become Uncomfortable During the Cold Months

Brielle, NJ - December 28, 2010 -- With the first blizzard and bitterly cold snap of the year setting in, homeowners are learning exactly where the leaks and vulnerabilities in their home insulation are. The summer months can be a complacent time, particularly for those in northern latitudes - but with the arrival of Old Man Winter, poorly insulated homes become truly uncomfortable - not to mention expensive.

Those who took the time to refit their home insulation with spray foam, however, will probably ride out the chilly months better. There are a number of advantages to spray foam insulation solutions, but chief among them is the high R-Value, a measure of the effectiveness of an insulation material - about 6.0 to 7.0, compared to about a value of about 3.5 for fiberglass insulation.

It's also easier to fill up small leaks and drafty structures with foam, which physically expands to fill the available space. Cracks or poorly fitted corners in fiberglass insulation can undermine the effectiveness of the insulation. Spray foam, because of the application method, naturally eliminates the problem of leakage.

"We replaced recently installed fiberglass with InsulStar because it works great in extreme cold weather," Gerry Wagoner, of spray foam firm WRI Applications, recently said in a press release from foam manufacturer NFCI. "We did thermal scans before to show how much heat the existing fiberglass insulation was losing, then after we applied InsulStar to show how tight the spray foam is. The owner was amazed and thrilled.”

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