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Coating & Foam Solutions Announces New Roof Coating
Coating & Foam Solutions, LLC (CFS) Adds Poly-Silâ„¢ 2500 Series to Roof Coatings Line

Oconomowoc, WI - December 7, 2010 -- Coating & Foam Solutions, LLC (CFS) has announced the addition of their Poly-Sil™ 2500 Series - a 100%-solids line of silicone roof coatings. This environmentally-friendly coating is petroleum solvent-free and thus better than many alternative roofing systems on the world’s eco-system.

The Poly-Sil ™ 2500 Series has already received extensive industry credentials. Recent testing for compliance within ASTM D-6694-01 has been achieved – the industry standard for liquid-applied silicone coating materials. This is in addition to Underwriters Laboratories UL-790 listings over single-plies and various spray foams. The white version is Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC®) listed and is compliant with California Title-24 requirements as a cool and reflective roof coating. Available within the Roof-Tek© line of roof coatings, the Poly-Sil™ 2500 Series comes standard in white, light gray, dark gray and tan.

Poly-Sil™ 2500 may qualify for LEED points and the opportunity now exists to specifying a technically superior product; silicone offers better adhesion and better weathering resistance than other generic types of roof coatings. Poly-Sil 2500 silicone is applied over single-plies and spray foam as a protective membrane. There are many re-cover roofs, an existing second roof scenario, where preserving that single-ply or spray foam roof, may be the only code compliant method to avoid a costly tear-off. Poly-Sil™ 2500 will thus have a great economic value to the building owner and the environment. In addition, owners may realize substantial energy savings and may qualify for various energy rebates.

Poly-Sil ™ 2500 has been formulated to process and spray easily, and provide superior “hang” on vertical surfaces. Extensive in-field applications have been performed using the standard high-pressure, highvolume equipment employed by most roof coating applicators. Recent lab testing performed by an independent leading spray-equipment manufacturer supports the claim of this product being “equipment and user-friendly.”

The Poly-Sil™ 2500 Series is a relatively new compliment to the full line of Roof-Tek® foam and coating products. Its chemistry is a modern-day / more environmentally-friendly version of the standard Poly-Sil ™ 2200 Series silicone that has been produced for well over 20 years. (The Poly-Sil™ 2200 Series is still an available and popular product.) Silicones offer greater long-term UV stability, a broader range of application temperatures (extending the roofing season) and resist the initial “wash-off” conditions that impact all waterbased roofing products.

For additional product, specification, approved applicator or ordering information, please contact CFS at 888.284.7488 or visit us at

For more information or questions on this release, please contact:
Frank Nestle
518.747.0655 x112

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