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Paratus Supply Announces New Spray Foam Rig
The XTR1 Spray Foam Rig Takes a Step Forward For What's to be Expected
By John Sesic

Paratus Supply announces their newest spray foam rig, the XTR1, is a new step forward for what is to be expected of spray foam rigs. Paratus Supply claims, "There has never been a foam rig quite like this before, the features, the equipment, the price and much more that are built into this rig set it apart from the crowd. It is now possible to own a professional, top-level, hydraulic, spray foam rig for a price of less than $43,000."

What sets the XTR1 spray foam rig apart from its nearest competitor is a combination of the 12’ + 4’ v-nose trailer and the full-sized, hydraulic GH-25 spray foam machine by PMC. Never before has a high-performance machine like the GH-25 by PMC been outfitted into a small and compact trailer shell as this, nor has it ever been done with a portable 17.5 Kw gas generator. The marriage of this small V-nose shell, the GH-25 hydraulic machine by PMC, and the 17.5 Kw portable gas generator allows the XTR1 to be one of the most reliable, highest performing, and easily maneuverable spray foam rigs ever built.

There is a lot more going on inside this foam rig than what has been mentioned so far. Here is a complete list of what you will find inside the XTR1:

  • GH-25 hydraulic spray foam machine by PMC
  • 17.5 Kw portable gas generator
  • 8-hp portable gas compressor
  • Air purge spray foam gun
  • Set of high output 2:1 transfer pumps by PMC
  • Pair of custom double barrel braces
  • 160’ of heated hose by PMC mounted a custom hose hanger
  • Two man fresh air system
  • 20 cfm refrigerated air dryer
  • Industrial toolbox and cabinets
  • 6” x 6” hose access door

Another important piece of this spray foam rig is the trailer that is used for its construction, each trailer is a full 7.5’ in height and 8’ in width allowing for unrestricted movement of all the necessary equipment and materials when working inside the XTR1.

Paratus Supply claims, "The XTR1 spray foam rig is truly a breath of fresh air in the spray foam marketplace, giving contractors and applicators a new choice of foam rig that has never been available to them until now. No surprises. No catches. That is what the XTR1 spray foam rig is all about, for a price under $43,000 you will get a complete foam rig that is ready to go and built to last."

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