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Spray Foam Material Warming Device Solves Long Time Problem
The Barrel Blazer System from Sprayworks Equipment Group warms SPF material in the cold winter months

The Barrel Blazer System, (material warming device), solves a long time problem.

For years, contractors, applicators and suppliers have struggled with keeping materials warm enough to process as the weather changes from warm to cold and through the long winter months. With the latest cycle of below average temperatures the process has become all the more difficult. Even with insulated trucks, trailers and protected warehousing there is a constant struggle with how to effectively warm material, keeping it warm and which device to use.

Both distributors and technical support representatives receive hundreds if not thousands of calls each year over these same issues about material and the impact that it has on the whole process of application.

Typical calls involve almost all of these same issues.

(The equipment shuts down, alarms sound, numerous error codes show up and now the equipment is off ratio. The gun sprays for about 30 seconds and then sprays off ratio and the drum transfer pump isn’t working. One pressure gauge goes up and the other goes down. My spray gun keeps crossing over.)

Most answers come down to just one thing – COLD MATERIAL.

When the Sprayworks people decided to take on this task they looked at several basic issues and ask fundamental questions.

  1. What is the best way to heat a drum?
  2. What temperature do you need for processing material?
  3. How do we make it user friendly and simple?

The answers became clear that no current manufactured heating unit effectively solved all of the problems until now.

The Barrel Blazer System heats material by placing the drum on to the highly conductive drum size heating plate. As the temperature increases at the bottom of the drum it creates a large core of warmth rising upward and outward. Since transfer pumps pick up material from the bottom of the drum it seemed practical to eliminate heat sink and cold at that point. The unit was designed so that it could be solidly attached within a mobile rig or moved to where it could best be utilized.

The heating units are also used to safely warm materials overnight so that they are ready for processing the next day by using a low or high independent setting. As many as 6 individual units can operate from a single 115 volt 20 amp outlet wall plug.

Best of all, they are specifically made for each type of chemical so that proper processing temperatures are maintained just the way you like. In other words, one was designed for spray foam, one for polyurea, one for coatings and one can be made for most any other chemical by changing the output of the heating elements.

The whole process is completed by manufacturing Sprayworks' very own high tech insulated jacket called The Barrel Blazer Insulated Jacket. The jacket retains heat longer and shortens the time to warm up material. It can even be used to keep materials from overheating in warmer climates.

Several different designs are available and customizing is not a problem either.

Jim Davidson – inventor of the Barrel Blazer System.

"When we looked at what happens in the real world and how much cost is involved to warm material and keep it warm we were not surprised. Just the amount of lost productivity over a season can reach into the many thousands of dollars not to mention the cost of setting up other heating devices that most often fail, baby sitting of heaters, running for propane or kerosene and down time when the next drum of material is too cold as well. And what about yield of those products and the boiling off of certain expensive ingredients. And what if this all happens with 5 men on a project. On average with open cell foams contractors are reporting 1 to 1 ½ hours lost a day in production recirculating there product to meet manufactures specifications’.

The answer is clear. We need a better heating system and one that is versatile to meet the demands within a range of industries."

About Sprayworks Equipment Group LLC
Sprayworks Equipment Group LLC is a specialty equipment and Spray Foam Rig manufacturer, distributor and educational experts with well over 100 years combined experience in the spray foam and coatings industry. Distributing PMC high pressure proportioners.

From manufacturing robots that work on roof and bridges to practical innovative devices we are always thinking in a different way.

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