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Versaflex Announces Upcoming Polyurea Applicator Spray Training Class
Instructed by: Dudley Primeaux II, PCS, CCI - December 7-10, 2010
VersaFlex, Inc. Polyurea Training Courses
Instructed by: Dudley Primeaux II, PCS, CCI
December 7th - Level 1 - $200.00
December 8th-10th - Level 2 - $900.00

VersaFlex, Inc. is offering a series of polyurea training classes that cover all aspects of polyurea, register now for Level 1 and 2 and be sure and stay tuned to for Level 3-7 Classes.

VersaFlex, Inc., is committed to the continued training of contractors, specifiers, and owners in the polyurea technology. We offer state of the art information that will satisfy the owner and specifier that the installer has the capability to bring the great utility of polyurea into practice.

Courses are taught by the experts in the polyurea industry. The informational class work sessions include handouts containing slide presentations of PowerPoint shows dealing with every aspect of polyurea technology; from the chemistry to the practical application techniques best suited to spray and pumped polyurea systems.

VersaFlex Incorporated has contracted with Dudley Primeaux to develop these classes.

Level 1: Fundamentals of Polyurea; The course will provide an overview of polyurea both from the standpoint of its chemistry and application technology, as well as it's potential uses. The course is designed as a prerequisite lead-in to our in-depth Level 2 Spray Applicator Training; As an optional added benefit, VersaFlex is providing a Chemistry for Non-Chemists class following the main Level 1 Class. Taught by VersaFlex's own Kelin Bower, this course is designed to provide a practical insight into the inner working of polyurea.

The Level 1 class will run from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. with lunch provided. The Chemistry for Non-Chemists class will follow and lasts approximately 2 hours. Coffee, snacks and beverages will also be provided throughout the day.

Level 1 - Course Content:

  • Introduction:
    - Background and Basic Chemistry
    - Advantages and Benefits of Polyurea
    -Comparison to Urethanes and Epoxies
  • Polyurea Types:
    - Aromatic
    - Aliphatic
    - Hand Applied
    - Caulks and Sealants
  • Polyurea Application Options:
    - High Pressure
    - Low Pressure
    - Caulks and Sealants
  • Case Studies:
    - Concrete
    - Steel
    - Geotextile
  • Spray Equipment:
    - High Pressure Proportioners
    - Operating Conditions
    - Equipment Conditions
    - Pneumatic
    - Hydraulic
    - Spray Guns
    - Review of Models Available
    - Gun Set Up
  • Application:
    - Surface Prep of Various Substrates
    - Atmospheric Conditions
    - Field Testing
    - Daily Logs and Reporting
  • Safety Considerations
  • Spray Demo:
    - Demonstration of High Pressure Spray on Various Substrates
    - Industry Resources and References
  • Questions and Answers

Level 2 Basic Spray Applicator Training. General introduction of polyurea technologies, spray equipment options, surface prep, field testing and case studies. Hands on spray demonstrations. Personnel safety. For those entering polyurea spray business or new employees. The course gives a more in-depth overview of polyurea issues on a variety of topics ranging from equipment to troubleshooting, repair to maintenance, substrate preparation to priming, and many other. As such, applicants must have completed the Level 1.

Level 2 - Course Content:

Day 1

  • Basics:
    - Process and Ambient Temperature Issues
    - VersaFlex Aromatic vs Aliphatic vs Polyaspartics
    - Polyurea Physical Properties and Testing Procedures
  • Safety:
    - Handling
    - Understanding the MSDS
    - Field Safety and OSHA
    - PPE
  • Plural Component Spray:
    - Plural vs Single Component
    - High Pressure vs Low Pressure
    - Power Requirements and Auxiliary Equipment
  • Breakdown of Spray Equipment:
    - Operational Theory of Spray Equipment
    - Material Supply Systems
    - Pump Systems
    - Heating Systems
    - Hose Heat
    - Spray Guns
    - Typical Rig, Trailer, Aux Component Set Up
  • Job Site:
    - Pre Job Documentation
    - Access to Job Site
    - Tools and Equipment for Project
    - Substrate Testing
    - Atmospheric Testing
    - Daily Application Log

Day 2

  • Surface Prep:
    - Surface Prep of Various Substrates
    - Equipment and Industry Standards
  • Primers:
    - Concrete and Steel
    - Primer Options, Selection
  • Spray Guns:
    - Air Purge
    - Mechanical Purge
  • Equipment Operations
    - Configuration for Spray Polyurea
    - Start Up Procedures
    - Ratio/Pressure/Heat
    - Daily Maintenance
    - Shut Down Procedures
  • Real World Problems:
    - Case Studies and Examples
    - Discussions of Actual Field Issues
    - Material Supply
    - Heating Systems
    - Pumping Systems
    - Hoses
    - Spray Guns

Day 3

  • Hands on Spray Sessions:
    - Spray Techniques
    - Substrate Options
  • Course Review:
    - Questions and Answers – Exam

NOTE: Level 1 and 1 would be equivalent to the PDA Spray Applicator Class.

COURSE STRUCTURE-The course duration is four full days.

  • Runs from 8:00 to 5:30 p.m.
  • Includes light breakfast every morning and lunches every afternoon
  • We limit the class to 15-20 people so everyone may operate the equipment and participate in the open discussions.
  • You learn from the instructors and each other
  • Please see attached flyers for hotel information
  • For safety considerations; no shorts, sandals (please wear closed toe shoes). Also, please bring old clothes to spray in one day.
  • Also please bring full face respirator with cartridges

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Sharon or Kelin @ (713)466-4988

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