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Free Home Energy Seminar for Insulation Contractors
What Insulation Contractors Need to be Successful in the Existing Home Market
By Applegate Insulation

Homes Loses & Gains Energy in 3 Ways

  • Convection (The transfer of heat by moving air): Warm air rises and transfers heat to the ceiling.
  • Conduction (The transfer of heat through a solid material): Heat is transferred from warmer sections of the walls and ceilings to cooler sections.
  • Radiation (The transfer of heat in the form of electromagnetic waves): Heat is transferred from the roof to the ceiling.

OCT 19-20, 2010

October 19, 2010:

  • What insulation contractors must do to be successful in the existing home market. Keynote speaker Sam Flanery of Building Science Academy.

October 20, 2010:

  • Discussion of the products needed to be successful in the existing home market.
  • Live demonstration of Applegate R Foam, a foam formulated for the existing home market.

You can’t afford to miss this seminar.

Cooler in the summer. Warmer in the winter.

For more information call 800-627-7536, or email

Applegate can assist you in your new insulation equipment and supply purchases. In fact Applegate offers turnkey foam and cellulose rigs for those seeking to start or expand their business.

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