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Learn Ways to Protect Your Home from Energy Loss
Tenmat Inc. discusses energy loss through recessed lights openings

Are your recessed lights draft proofed and installed to the latest fire safety standards?

According to the Department of Energy, every home without proper insulation loses costly heat and cooling through ceiling openings for recessed lights. However simply covering the fixtures with foam can impair the performance of the light and poses a safety hazard. So what to do?

There are several methods available to solve this problem.

The first and arguable most expensive technique is simply keeping an area of at least 3” around the light free from any kind of insulation. While this might prevent the foam from coming in contact with the hot can it also creates a huge opening in the building envelope and allows costly energy in the form of cold air in the summer and hot air in the winter to disappear from the air-conditioned living space into the attic or the outside.

Another old-fashioned method is custom building bulky drywall boxes out of sheetrock panels, nails or screws and additional sealant. This material and labor intensive method creates an enclosure around the light but provides neither an insulating value nor easy access to the light fixture for maintenance.

There are now on the market several off-the-shelf items with various prices: fire safe pre-shaped covers, metal housings, plastic cans, etc. These products offer different level of protection and come at different prices.

It is highly recommended that the covers used are made out of a fire resistant material that will prevent the recessed light from getting in contact with insulation while simultaneously covering the ceiling opening. The covers usually do not require any assembly and can be installed within seconds by simply putting it on top of the recessed light fixture.


  • Stops draft from coming in through the light fixture.
  • Can be used with most recessed lights.
  • No assembly required.
  • Easy Installation: Can be fitted in seconds without nails or screws.
  • Suitable for new construction, as well as remodel existing recessed light.
  • For use in attic spaces, ceiling spaces, dropped ceilings, and insulated ceilings.
  • Lightweight.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Energy Savings.

These durable and lightweight covers will stop heat loss through the light, and stop condensation from getting into the attic.

About Tenmat
Tenmat is a leading manufacturer of specialized, high performance, engineering materials and components. The materials are used in a wide range of demanding applications by various industries throughout the world. Tenmat has extensive in-house technical resources and expertise to research and develop industry standard products.

For more information, email Tenmat or visit

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