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Polyurethane Foam Systems Inc. (PFSI) to Present CUFCA Training Course
Spray foam training course scheduled for August 23-27

Polyurethane Foam Systems Inc. (PFSI) will be holding another spray foam training course from Monday, August 23 to Friday, August 27, 2010. The training, which is already at full capacity, will be held near the company’s headquarters in Waterloo, Ontario. The company’s last training course in June was a resounding success, with 24 trainees from as far away as Powell River, B.C. in the west to Lincoln, New Brunswick in the east and with representation from six Canadian provinces in total.

Similar to the course held in June, the first three days will offer classroom training with a certification exam on Wednesday. Monday will also include equipment training with PFSI’s Parts & Equipment Manager Jack Napora while Tuesday and Wednesday will offer “theory” training with Peter Spafford, Quality Assurance & Training Manager for the Building Professionals Consortium. Thursday and Friday will feature practicum spray-outs with Canadian Urethane Foam Contractors Association (CUFCA) review.

PFSI’s Judy Komer describes the spray-out process: “PFSI assigns a technician to each trainee and practice, practice, practice is the key for completing a successful practicum spray-out. Trainees are invited to familiarize themselves with the machinery, foam and equipment during the week and are encouraged to spend time ahead of the exams learning techniques and style from the experts.”

Komer continues, “It is interesting to note that the first person to volunteer for their practicum spray-out was a young woman who has been spraying foam for a year with her father’s company. PFSI averages about one woman per course and it is good to see more and more women entering the foam industry. Another trainee of note was a 12 year old boy who attended Monday’s machine training course. Instead of a paper route, his dad offered him a job cleaning his spray equipment and guns at the end of the day. This young man knew every spray gun on the demonstration table and, according to his father, does a great job in keeping the company running with top notch cleaned equipment. I’m sure he’ll be a very skilled and experienced sprayer by the time he wants to enter the business himself.”

The course offers additional Isocyanate instruction from ICI Huntsman. Komer states, "Safety Specialists from ICI Huntsman will do an excellent job of presenting this segment of the course, along with handout brochures and booklets on safety procedures during spray foaming. There is a question and answer period after their presentation where trainee questions are addressed. We are fortunate to have them participate in our formal training sessions.“

Fomo Products of Norton, OH also provides a demonstration of their Handi Foam product. Fomo’s Earl Anderson explains that his presentation is “focused on operator safety, equipment and uses of the product. We also covered dispensing methods and reviewed applications for weatherization in a home.”

There will also be a drawing for prizes donated by some of PFSI’s suppliers and vendors. At the June training, one of the prizes was a listing on, valued at $1,250, which was presented to Kingston Concrete of Yarker, Ontario by representative Damian Lardieri.

Each attendee will receive an official CUFCA training book and will be expertly coached for their certifications in polyurethane foam and machine training. PFSI will provide continental breakfast and lunch each day. The group will enjoy a trip to local Boston Pizza on Wednesday evening and the anticipated PFSI Bear-B-Q will take place Thursday at noon.

For more information about future courses, call 888-783-0751 or visit

About Polyurethane Foam Systems Inc. (PFSI)
Polyurethane Foam Systems Inc. (PFSI), headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, provides a full range of polyurethane foam products including insulation and air barriers, general purpose foam, pour in place foam products, flexible foam products, industrial coatings and polyurethane foam roofing systems as well as machines, parts and rigs. With almost 200 years combined experience in the foam industry, PFSI also offers expert support including assistance with business planning and marketing. The company is currently celebrating 10 years in the industry: 2000-2010. For more information about the company, call 888-783-0751 or visit

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