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Soythane Technologies Offers Foam Especially Suited for Oil Cleanup
Unique properties allow foam to salvage oil for other uses

YULEE, FL (July 26, 2010) – Soythane Technologies, based in Yulee, FL, has always maintained “green” business operations, producing its urethane foam from Aliphatic Amines and “regrowable” energy. Their newest offering, foam that can be utilized to clean up oil spills, fits right in with this eco-friendly image. Specially formulated to absorb oil, the foam has unique properties that allow it to literally soak up spills.

Tom Hay, founder and technical advisor for Soythane, explains, “The formulation is not new to us; we have just not had a real home for it until now. We feel that it is the perfect offering at a time when the BP oil crisis has opened people’s eyes to the possibility of such disasters as well as their catastrophic ramifications. Over the last couple months, we have seen the emergence of many clever ways to clean the oil, some of which are more effective than others. However, these methods all involve using other materials that end up creating more waste. With our new foam, on the other hand, you are able to squeeze the oil out once it reaches full capacity and continue reusing the same material over and over again. Not only can the foam be reused, but the oil recovered through this process can also be reclaimed. Although this salvaged oil is no longer viable for refining into gas, it can still be used for both road asphalt and roofing products. Therefore, cleaning up oil spills with our foam results in significantly less waste than alternative methods.”

Hay also points out a benefit that this product could provide for the foam industry as a whole. “I feel that any time a new application is found for urethane foam, it adds to the credibility of the entire industry. When the new application is something that offers such a positive outcome, it helps give consumers a more positive view of the foam industry in general.”

About Soythane Technologies
Soythane Technologies, based in Yulee, FL, produces SprayMax Soythane, a unique foam made from Aliphatic Amines and “regrowable” energy. This green alternative to traditional foam is suitable for residential and commercial applications. The company also produces the FastKick spray gun/proportioner, the first cartridge system for spraying interior foam. For more information about the company, visit or call 877-772-9629.

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