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Relyant, LLC Receives Contract Expansion to Apply Spray Foam Insulation in Afghanistan
Reduced fuel consumption from SPF at US military structures saves costs and lives

MARYVILLE, TN (July 19, 2010) - In early 2007, a major problem became increasingly apparent to US military officials in Iraq: Fuel trucks were being targeted by Iraqi insurgents and, as a result, the soldiers and contractors driving these trucks were being killed at alarming rates. Much of this fuel was being used to heat and cool canvas tents and other soft sided structures at US military bases. One of the solutions proposed was spray foam insulation due to the impressive energy efficiency it offers.

After the military first began applying spray foam to structures in the country, the US Army Materiel Systems Analysis Activity (AMSAA) was commissioned in the summer of 2009 to conduct a study with the goal of quantifying the overall benefit of the project. It was concluded that almost $1 billion is being saved annually due to the increased energy efficiency from the spray foam. In fact, spray foam insulation provides a 70 to 95 percent decrease in the use of diesel fuel for heating and cooling, according to GAO Report 09-300 Defense Energy Management. More importantly, the AMSAA study concluded that thousands of fuel trucks are being taken off the most dangerous roads in the world. This, in turn, has saved countless lives.

Since that time, the use of spray foam insulation has become increasingly widespread at military bases in the area and continues to be acknowledged for its cost and life saving qualities. Relyant, LLC, a provider of “worldwide strategic support services,” is one of the companies that were contracted by the US government to undertake this initiative in Afghanistan. Relyant, formerly Critical Mission Support Services (CMSS), has now been applying US Army-approved Gaco Western Polyfoam System 193 since September 2008. There are currently multiple Relyant teams operating in Afghanistan with the capacity to spray up to 40,000 square feet of foam on a daily basis.

In addition to cost savings and the reduced fuel transportation risk, the AMSAA study found that there are numerous other benefits as well. The spray foam insulation improves the air quality in these buildings, especially the tents, by cutting down on the dust that gets through the walls and thus makes the buildings healthier for their occupants. It also provides a moisture barrier impervious to mold. Another benefit provided by the spray foam is that it creates a sound barrier. This is a tremendous benefit in Iraq where it is very difficult for soldiers to sleep due to the loud environment. The spray foam also provides a fire barrier, which has reduced the spread of fires through the camps.

Relyant's work has helped provide all these numerous benefits to the soldiers in Afghanistan. Their efforts “have been recognized throughout Joint Contracting Command – Afghanistan and have made a noticeable difference in the preparedness of our Forward Operating Bases, both for facility climate control and the Department of Defense mission to reduce fuel consumption," said SFC Troy Winters, Contracting Officer Representative.

Recently, Relyant received notification of a $7 million expansion of its current $32 million spray foam insulation contract with the Bagram Regional Contracting Center in Afghanistan. This contract expansion has been seen as an indication of the government’s continued confidence in spray foam insulation as an effective solution.

Eric W. Barton, Relyant President and CEO said, “Relyant solutions provide a tangible benefit to American soldiers in the field. This particular contract increases our warriors’ comfort and reduces costs to taxpayers, which is a win for everyone.”

About Relyant, LLC

Relyant is a global provider of solutions to complex projects. The company offers services including construction, life support, demining, logistics/procurement, security and IT communications. Relyant is headquartered in Maryville, TN with offices in San Antonio, Iraq, Afghanistan and Uganda. For more information, visit

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